The 24 solar termsⅡ
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In the second half of 2017, I continued to produce a series of poster about solar terms  for the Chinese brand Baique Ling.
Although there was no change in form. But the content has changed. This series was about how a girl’s mood changed at each solar term.

Autumn commences  7 August
 autumn is beginning , People start thinking about what happened in the last six month
立秋          秋天到来了,开始了对过去半年所发生一切的思考。

End of heat   23 August
The Chinese "处chu" contains the meaning of hiding and ending. The hot summer was over,But the temperature is hot and cold, the mood swings too.
处暑         中文的“处”含有躲藏,终止的意思。炎热的暑天虽然结束了,但温度忽冷忽热,心情也随之波动。

White dew   7 September  
Dew's shape, color, light, and feeling , making people open and clear.
白露            露水的形,色,光,情,都给人以一种豁然

Autumn equinox   23 September  
 The length of day and night are equal on the autumn equinox.Things on earth get to equilibrium.
秋分         昼夜平分,地球上的事物到达了一个平衡点

Cold dew   8 October
During this period ,the sparrow disappeared , but the  clam appeared .Because of their similar textures,people in ancient China thought that the sparrow flew into the water and became a clam.
寒露          这个时期雀鸟不见了,蛤蜊出现了。因为它们相似的纹理,中国古人以为雀鸟入水变成了蛤蜊。
Frost   23 October
 The last solar term in autumn.The red of autumn has completely replaced the green of spring and summer.
霜降             秋天最后一个节气。秋色已经完全替代了春夏的绿。入秋天气转冷,容易另人惆怅。

Winter  commences  7 November
Winter is coming,Some parts of China begin to snow.This kind of weather is best for wearing a sweater
立冬           冬天到了,中国部分地区开始下初雪,这样的天气最适合穿毛衣了。

Heavy snow  7 December
Clear snow world,it always gives people a variety of fairy-tale fantasy.Is it hiding a small world in this white world?
大雪          清澈的雪世界,总会让人产生各种童话般的幻想。是否在这白茫茫中隐藏了一个小世界呢?

Winter solstice  22 December  
 This period is full of festival atmosphere. A beautiful gift was received under the stars in winter
冬至            在这个节日气氛浓厚的时期,冬季的星空下收获了一份美丽的礼物

Moderate cold   5 January
The coldest day of the year.It is the cold before spring,the darkness before dawn.But there is still life force in it.

小寒   一年中最寒冷的日子

Severe cold   19 January
What I want to do most during the cold winter is to read in the warm room.
大寒          在寒冷的冬天里最想做的就是自在得在温暖的室内看书。

Client: PECHOIN百雀羚
Illustration: Menghui Huang
Animation: Menghui Huang
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The 24 solar termsⅡ

The 24 solar termsⅡ

A series of poster about how a girl’s mood changed at each solar term.
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