"Papayas Pineapples and the Apocalypse" is the "Ossi di Peppia" fanzine     
printed in October 2017, is the first of 5 issues that we will release in the next 5 years. 


The zine is made of 17 illustrations by 17 different authors, inspired by a committed tweet, randomly chosen
from the "Magic Realism Bot" on Twitter.
This Bot is been generating short crazy stories, uninterruptedly, for 6 years now.

 cover by MissKiwi
PPA was printed in Risograph by "Friends Make Books" in Turin

-A breast rises out of the Pacific Ocean. A violinist says "that's a bad omen".- 
Lonnie Bao
-A depressed college professor owns a pair of binoculars that let her see 
every storm since the birth of Christ.-
Francesco Daniele
-A restaurateur makes a smoothie out of Papayas, Pineapples and the Apocalypse.-
Francesco Guarnaccia
-A secretive physician sees a sandalwood tree made of sexual frustration.-
 Alessandro Patria
-A boy is injured, He bleeds stupidity.-
Miss Kiwi
-A grandmother receives a strange gift from her daughter: 13 penises.-
 Valeria Gargiulo
-A gigantic leopard walks the street of a small town in Nebraska. 
It has come to steal sexual intercourse.-
Beatrice Gasca Queirazza
-A medieval book describes a woman made out of testicles-
Irene Frigo
-A narcissistic young adult writer falls into a river filled with tigers. She drowns.-
Ste Tirasso
-A baroness decrees that there will be a new sign of the zodiac: the corpse.-  
Alice Girlanda
-A Sicilian flight attendant sets fire to Uber.-
Manuela Santoni
-A library causes anyone who enteres it to disappear and reappear in Paris.-
Freddie Tanto
-Every showgirl in Khartoum  is crying.-
Tai Pera
-A neurosurgeon is hugging deconstruction.-
-A polyamorous professor spends her life writing a philosophical treatise
about the number zero.-
Tropical snow imp
-A woman has an unusual ability: she can sense the presence of sea serpents.-
-You wake up and realize you have turned into Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.-
Fabio Mancini
Papayas Pineapples and the Apocalypse #0 - Fanzine