For this project brief we are asked to create a typeface and an editorial explaining and describing the typeface, a font flag and deck cards or 3D letter to show off the personality of the typeface. The whole idea behind Gama was to design a typeface that would help people pronounce African names specifically South African Nguni names (Ndebele, Swati, Xhosa and Zulu) . I wanted to include all cultures but due to time I had to limit myself to one group that have similar ways of pronouncing words, with help from family and friends I was able to create a Nguni Alphabet that would help people pronounce names better . How you see the letter is how you would pronounce it, the letter a is pronounced and spelt as (ah). I wanted to create a script like font with an African twist to it showcasing that African names are beautiful and deserve the same respect as Western names. 
English Version
The design of the letters was inspired by the different patterns seen in the cultures that I focused on 
Nguni Version 
Font Flag 
Gama means name in Zulu, and I decided to call it Gama because the whole idea behind the typeface was to learn how to pronounce names better, so that's why I stuck to names  
Instead of a 3D letter or Cards I decided to design a piece of material A4 size so that people can frame it or it can be worn as a doek (head scarf) The type on the Material (igma lakho lihle) means your name is beautiful