Modified Man
Modified Man

I was commissioned by the independent record label Albert's Favourites to create some unique artwork for their latest release by Modified Man called 'Modifications: Set 2'. Modified Man are a south London based duo made up of Adam Scrimshire and Dave Koor, and create electronic based soulful tracks combining vintage instruments and live performance.

The idea behind the cover was how the modified men of the future may make artwork out of ancient circuit boards, not quite understanding what they were for because of their crude appearance. For this I created a design with representations of computer chips and wires.

It was sculpted entirely out of plasticine and took around 80 hours to complete, with a final size of 50cm x 50cm. I then photographed the piece from many different angles, and from this I created the cover and did the design for the rear. The artwork will be used in various other guises for other Modified Man releases in the set.