This specific project is showcasing a dust cover that I have designed as a thirst year graphic design project. The brief directed me to create a dust cover for a hard cover book inspired by a Roald Dahl book. Matilda was the children’s book that I chose. A typeface had to be created to suit the style of the book and the story.
This grid was used to place the body text and the type onto, it also shows the size of the dust cover.
The concept of my cover was to incorporate Matilda’s magical powers to the typography I have created. I wanted to create a playful and wavy typeface as she likes to play tricks on people with her powers. The clean and simple design allows you to focus more on the typeface. The colour is a friendly, playful colour and by using the black ribbon like line to form a wave across the page was inspired by the ribbon that Matilda wore in her hair.