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    Alpine Portraits Series – Digital Portraits
A L P I N E  P O R T R A I T S


V O L.  II

Thomas Paturet

Date : 2018
Locations : Alps, Switzerland
Himalayas, Mahalangur Himal, China/Nepal
Karakoram, China/Pakistan
Data : LIDAR Point Cloud - DEM - Google

This “Alpine Portraits” series was constructed out of Satellite Imagery, Digital Elevation Model and LIDAR Point Cloud data. Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) is an airborne mapping technique, which uses a laser to measure the height of the terrain and surface objects on the ground such as topography, trees and buildings. The data used in these images were built up out of a collection of hundreds of millions of highly accurate 3-dimensional x,y,z points and component attributes. Once compiled and processed, entire portions of a territory can be reproduced and manipulated with 3D software.

The raw data needed to make the images below was gathered from various locations throughout mountain reliefs of Switzerland and the U.S.; such as the Grand Combin in Valais and the Teton Range in Wyoming. The end result helps to showcase the power of these tools and the accuracy they provide to the ones willing to venture within the maze of technical information available. It aims at capturing the intricate relief of these mountains, with unusual lighting and atmospheric context, thus highlighting the complexity of these geological formations.
Mont Cervin I, Switzerland
Mont Cervin II, Switzerland
Dent d'Hérens I, Switzerland
Dent d'Hérens II, Switzerland
Dent d'Hérens III, Switzerland
Dent d'Hérens IV, Switzerland
Dent des Bouquetins I, Switzerland
Dent des Bouquetins II, Switzerland
Dent des Bouquetins III, Switzerland
Dent des Bouquetins IV, Switzerland
Grand Cornier I, Switzerland
Grand Cornier II, Switzerland
La Ruinette I, Switzerland
La Ruinette II, Switzerland
Mont Blanc de Cheilon I, Switzerland
Mont Blanc de Cheilon II, Switzerland
Ober Gabelhorn I, Switzerland
Ober Gabelhorn II, Switzerland
Pointe de Bricola I, Switzerland
Pointe de Bricola II, Switzerland
Pointe des Genevois I, Switzerland
Pointe des Genevois II, Switzerland
Pointe du Montet I, Switzerland
Pointe du Montet II, Switzerland
Pointe du Montet III, Switzerland
Pointe du Montet IV, Switzerland
Mount Everest I, China/Nepal
Mount Everest II, China/Nepal
Mount Everest III, China/Nepal
Mount Everest IV, China/Nepal
K2 I, China/Pakistan
K2 II, China/Pakistan