Claire McCaughan is a Sydney-based designer who's collaborative and tailored work ranges from urban activations and exhibition design, to commercial and bespoke architecture and design strategy. But how do you bring to life the work and methodology of a renowned designer, when their work is diverse and nonconforming?

The name Custom Mad encapsulates Claire's unconventional, personal and unique work. The brand centres around her approach; helping people find their place through space and simplicity.

Utilising simple, crafted brand elements, we create a sense of openness. Taking cues from traditional architectural floor plans, the brand uses simplified and abstracted basic forms to represent different spaces. These forms can be used as containers - spaces to place type and image, a graphic asset that can be used to express Claire's work and balance photography.

The logo is bold and open, with Claire's stories, people and spaces placed in-between. This is about helping people find their place while showing the diversity and uniqueness of the spaces Custom Mad help create.​​​​​​​

Strategy and naming: Annalyse McLeod. Photography courtesy of Boaz and Jamie Williams. Grandmother Tree video by Libby Blampied. Sporting Grotesque by

Custom Mad