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    Proposed rebrand for a local bake shop.
Assignment:  Redesign the visual identity of Sugarush, an existing bakery in Red Bank, New Jersey. Branding
must extend through multiple applications, including the menu design, promotionals, store packaging, signage, and web design.
Implementation:  As somewhat of a self-proclaimed cupcake connoisseur, rebranding Sugarush was the job I had been waiting for. My first instinct was to gather everything non-food related that I considered to be “yummy”. Yumminess is perhaps the cutest quality of food- it is not flashy or sexy, but it is certainly not something bad- and so I consider yumminess to be the ultimate criterion for a successful baked good. From this starting point, I created a cozy and almost edible color palette, complete with the cutest pinks I could stand. As Sugarush takes advantage of social networking tools to conveniently and effectively spread the word of their specials, cupcakes of the day, and exciting news, I wanted to redesign their website to make it much more user friendly for the shop owners to reach an even grander audience on a level more personal than can be achieved through Facebook or Twitter.
business card, hours card, letterhead, and envelope
takeaway menu, folded
takeaway menu, open
sticker sheet
storefront signage