How Twitter Can Effectively Boost Ecommerce Sales
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How Twitter Can Effectively Boost Ecommerce Sales
Boosting Ecommerce Sales with Twitter
The users of Twitter participate in online shopping 6.8 times every month while the figure for non-users is 4.3. Twitter content has influenced 49 percent of female shoppers to make a purchase. Twitter showcases products in a good light making the opportunities nearly endless.

Building Interest
Building an interest in the brand creates an interest in the product. The audience must relate to the brand to gain the interest of potential customers. This can be accomplished through posts or memes relevant to the products and industry. Popular conversations can be joined with trending hashtags. This will provide interest and help increase sales.

The Hashtag Campaign
Creating a hashtag can start a trend. This attracts followers, provides recognition and may increase sales. The hashtag should be catchy, unique, simple and relevant. A compelling hashtag provides visibility for the product.
Influencer Engagement
Influencer marketing promotes products or content. This improves visibility and attracts an audience. The influencers must be relevant or the audience will not be interested. There are platforms to identify influencers according to relevance. The search is effective due to engagement rates and location filters. The ROI can be tracked and campaigns managed through the platform.

Twitter Chat
Twitter chat encourages conversations between the consumers and the brands. This can be used to solve issues, answer queries and understand the audience. Twitter chats provide the opportunity to build a good audience relationship. Their loyalty may lead to repeat purchases. There are several tools available to increase the effectiveness of the chat.
The Competition
A lot can be learned from competitors doing well on Twitter. You can figure out why their tweets are so effective. This may be additional pictures, fun CTA's, the posting schedule or the frequency. Following the same schedule may result in success. Analyze the competitors audience to find a way to engage with them. Tools are available for competitor research to view followers, post frequency and the following.

Showcasing Multiple Uses
Show the audiences the multiple uses for the product. Showcase the benefits to build a desire to try the product so the audience will make purchases. The idea is to make people want to use your product so much they will be inspired to purchase. Display the products in the most appealing manner possible.

Sponsored Tweets
Sponsored tweets target users with similar characteristics to the people purchasing the product. This ensures the users notice engaging, relatable and relevant tweets. This should compel the users to make a purchase. Always on campaigns offer impressive results.
Twitter Remarketing
Twitter marketing reaches users showing a little interest in the products. Conversions can be increased by displaying ads to the people who have already been to the site. This will decrease the clicks that do not become conversions and save on expenses. Remarketing has resulted in an increase in the engagement rate of as much as 25 percent.

Twitter Cards
Twitter cards improve visibility for ecommerce stores by sharing useful product information. This balances out the characters allowed per tweet. The audience receives information with a lot more details about the product.

The Mistakes
If the brand makes a mistake do not hesitate to own up to it. This can win the trust of the consumer. Twitter can be used to resolve issues and apologize for any mistakes.