When You are Facing a Manual Penalty With Your Site
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What to do When You are Facing a Manual Penalty With Your Site
As someone who works for Google, John Mueller has offered great advice for web publishers with ways to recover when it comes to a manual penalty. He has personally highlighted two of the most common mistakes that every publisher seems to make, and is now offering solutions for how you should submit a successful reconsideration request. The first problem as to why reconsideration requests fail is that people have the inability to see the problem. The second problem is that they fail when trying to solve all of the problems.

You may notice that it is normal to have the ability to look at all that is wrong with any site. Those that are closely involved with a site are going to see that their involvement correlates to their inability to see what might be wrong with their site. This is kind of like selling off your most trusted car. All of those dents and the chipping paint on the car that you are now not aware of are going to be shocking to anyone who is buying the car (they are not seeing it everyday like you). Of course, this is the same problem you are going to find when it comes to fixing your site.
John Mueller has suggested that anyone in that situation should be looking for a new pair of eyes to check over their site. There was a person who had their own personalized site who had asked what they could do in order to recover their site after it had been penalized by Google. This person had tried three times with no success to recover their site. To this John Mueller had suggested that the person might not be seeing the problems if they are looking at their site on their own.

Mueller says that he would certainly attempt to get some answers from some of their peers, from people who have run into situations that are similar to their own, others who have already resolved these types of problems. There are a lot of great places that you are able to ask for some help when it comes to site issues. You should honestly be going to your own Webmaster Help Forums in order to get some help with your site.

One of the things that you should also do when you run into issues with your site being penalized by Google is making sure to be discrete on how you are asking your questions. A lot of the forums and groups that you find out there are not going to be providing you with free site reviews. If your competitors get word of what is wrong with your site, you might find that they take advantage of the situation, so keep calm, be discreet, and try to get the help that you need quickly. There are a lot of solutions out there on what to do when you are facing penalties with your site, so you should not have too hard of a time finding the correct solutions that fit your unique situation.