SEO Done Right: Separating the Elite from the Average
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SEO Done Right: Separating the Elite from the Average
Inevitably at some point in our online career we've searched "how to make money online" on Google only to be bombarded by thousands of results. "Get rich quick," one add says while another tells you to "just focus on your email list." While there are many ways to expand your wealth in the age of technology and social media, one form of business that has been tried and tested over the years is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Since many of our readers understand the fundamental framework of SEO, we won't dive into the specifics of how to get started. But what we will discuss, among other things, is how to differentiate yourself from the competition. How do you truly become an all-star SEO master?
Lifelong Commitment to Learning
Much like any adventure in life, SEO requires that an individual dedicate themselves to constant learning and keeping up with evolving technologies. Large search engines like Goolge and Yahoo regularly change their algorithms, search parameters and small details that can, quite literally, make or break an SEO expert.

Content marketing has changed for the greater good in a short period of time. In fact, in the early to mid '00s we saw a huge influx of spammy articles that would contain various keywords throughout paragraphs that would move a website up in ranking. With Google stepping in and changing their code and punishing these publishers, we noticed a leap in genuine content marketing. A true SEO demigod knows how to go into a business and fine-tune the content to meet their requirements. Each business is unique and has a story to be told. What separates a mediocre SEO professional from a high-level consultant is the ability to transfer that background into entertaining content and marketing.
Spreading the Success
A decent SEO consultant may be able to keep track of your domains and URL selection, but can they maximize your profits? A true veteran will be able to deploy an extensive affiliate program that not only incentivizes the company they work for, but encourages affiliates to push their limits. This can come in the form of increased revenue share for affiliate members, or it can come in the form of motivation and clarity of intent. Whatever the case may be, experts at the highest level know how to increase the bottom line for any business they step into.
Cultural Shifts and Social Awareness
Cookie-cutter SEO is everywhere -- customized marketing is not. If you're the type of SEO that monitors and maintains awareness of upcoming social events or holidays, you're doing it right. In fact, most consultants never look at a calendar to plan around certain dates that are in the near future. Is Christmas right around the corner? Good, let's make a campaign around products and services we can tailor to our potential clients. Is there a new trend within the realm of social media? Perfect, how can we involve that niche into our brand or business? If you aren't asking these questions, you need to go back to the drawing board. Much like in poker or professional sports, you live and die by the small, intricate details of the atmosphere around you. A good SEO knows that and uses it to their advantage.