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    Pair of books designed as part of a compendium celebrating the work of Spanish poet Jaime Gil de Biedma.
These books are designed as part of a compendium of works from Spanish poet Jaime Gil de Biedma. Adapted from a compilation of his works entitled Longing published in 1993, the books thematically embrace aspects of his work like the plight of the Spanish people after the Spanish Civil War and Biedma's struggle with his own work and identity. 
All type in the books, including the covers and title pages, was inked by hand and brought in digitally.
Example of poem typesetting. Each book consists of 10-13 poems and has both the original Spanish and an English translation.
Each book has three spreads placed amongst the poems that pair relevant 
black-and-white imagery along with a quote from the preceding poem.
All type was created by hand.
Quote taken from the back of Traveling Companions.
This was a student project at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.