UNLEASH                                                                                                           03.01.2018
Creative Campaign by Dropbox Paper

With only a few months left to spare, The World Cup 2018 at Moscow, Russia is coming around the corner. The season of the World Cup is undoubtedly a time for us to treasure as its’ divine purpose is to bring unity amongst people, regardless of their race, culture, as well as even the language. 

We were particularly fascinated by the different emotions that was visibly present amongst the crowds and the players during the game. Our belief is that the viewers’ emotions are a universal “language” in itself and is a hidden tool that is globally understood for people to share and connect through. Question is—

"How can we use graphic design to utilize the emotions found in the stadium to empower people to share and creatively connect with the world?"

Introducing UNLEASH by Dropbox Paper, a campaign designed to give everyone an access to share little moments of emotions to make a difference during the season of World Cup. We have transformed an array of emotions into simple graphic forms and applied them into different social medias to promote a campaign in hopes of giving everyone an access to show great mounts of their support and love. 
Thank You!