Catalyst MAKE
Event Branding – Creative Direction – Art Direction – Advertising – Graphic Design – Illustration – Papercraft –
Editorial Design, Typesetting & Layout – Print Design – Production/Packaging Design
We can do many things, but we are made to do few. The process is what makes us unique. It defines us, shapes us, and reveals our calling. Beauty is revealed in the process, and influence is gained through the journey.
Credit where credit is due! The amazing creative team behind the MAKE project:
Creative Direction Team: Matchstic (Blake Howard, Alana Dy, Dustin Britt), Brad Lomenick, Jeff Shinabarger, Melissa Kruse, Jason Haynes, Sally Sumrall, Russell Shaw
Brand Design: Matchstic
Art Directors: Matchstic, Russell Shaw
Designers: Russell Shaw, Alana Dy
Illustrators: Russell Shaw, Alana Dy
Papercraft: Russell Shaw
Copywriters: Jeff Shinabarger, Jason Haynes
Content/Community Manager; Ashley Wiliams
Project Managers: Melissa Kruse, Sally Sumrall, Jason Haynes, Ansley Williams, Julianne Graves, Jill Walker, Becky OMara
Production: Russell Shaw, Alana Dy. Special Thanks: Doug Gattis
Group Leader Box
Months before the event, Catalyst sent boxes to group leaders from previous Catalyst events. The box was filled with informational pieces on the event as well as several unique items that encouraged the leaders to "make" something in fun ways – Playdoh, a paper doll, seeds to plant, a Rubik's cube to play with, etc.
The back of the box had instructions to break it apart, "make" something new from the materials, and take a photo to share their creations on Twitter. Here are two of my favorite user-submitted photos of recipients using the box to make something else. So creative!
Left: "Jet Pack"
Right: "Dog Armor"
Instruction Sheet
A one-sheet diagramming working through all of the box's contents with your team.
Rave Card
Catalyst "Tweet Generator"
Designed by Matchstic.
Custom Rubik's Cube
Scout Book
Seed Packet – "The Making of Basil"
Lanyards and Name Badges
Download Cards
After the event, attendees can purchase download cards like these to obtain a special access code and get audio versions of the keynote speakers.
Custom-designed envelope to mail the brochure, rave card, and letterhead to individual past attendees.
Notezine (Catalyst Main Sessions Notebook)
Each event attendee received a notezine with information on the keynote speakers as well as space to take notes on their sessions. For the cover of the notezine, a papercraft set was made by hand to illustrate the theme of the event's celebration of "making."
The notezine's inside cover was a photograph of the exact reverse of the papercraft set from the front – showing the "process" of the creation of the cover's design with the behind-the-scenes capture, as well as the mess that was involved (rough edges, unpainted surfaces, etc.) in crafting the more polished, finished product.
For each section of notes for the speakers, an area was designed for the attendee to "make" something – as well as Tweet out their creation with hashtag to promote the event.
MAKE THIS COMPLETE: "I want to be made into a leader who is known for _____." Share it on Twitter. Use #Catalyst.
WHAT MAKES ME: What are some events in your life that have shaped you in your leadership? Share it on Twitter. Use #Catalyst. ("WHAT MAKES ME" life event timeline)
TWEET IT UP. MAKE IT HAPPEN. Use #Catalyst and tell your community one action item from Bryan's talk that you intend to implement.
MAKE YOUR MARK. Make a masterpiece by adding to the Catalyst logo below. Take a picture and tweet out what you made with #Catalyst.
Labzine (Catalyst Lab Sessions Notebook)
The notebook for the Catalyst Labs (smaller group sessions).
Event Tickets
DVD Package
The post-event DVD with all of the recorded sessions, for attendees to re-live and remember the experience.
We applied a special soft aqueous spot print and embossing to the hand-made-from-tape "MAKE" letters on the front of the DVD case to give them a bit of texture and raise them up – like letters spelled out of tape strips should look and feel.
Special thanks to the Lamon Luther team for building the beautiful "MAKE" letters used in some of the key photography throughout the campaign.
Photograph by: Russell Shaw.