Psa Kraom is one of Siem Reap’s cheapest markets,
not a place for foreigners but for locals.
Pungent and spicy scents change from stand to stand,
filling my nostrils and my head.
Fruits, vegetables, cosmetics, fish and meat stands alternate.
Somewhere the sunlight pops up creating a sort of natural stage.
Today the butchery is almost completely in the dark
because of a power failure throughout the whole city.
Candles and led-torches create real paintings that draw you inside.
Women’s faces are incredible portraits with dark and deep eyes
in contrast withthe surrounding colors defined by the low light.
The camera is ready to shoot but it’s difficult to steal that very moment,
a smile suddenly appears and the portrait changes.
Smiling is the Asian nature and culture.
(words by Federica Adamoli)
.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .