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    This is a series of user experience deliverables created for easy consumption in order to better ensure impact on the final result.
I wanted to create a series of user experience deliverables that helped guide design based on the requirements elicited throughout the information architecture process. While comprehensive, the information should be easily consumable in order to make an impact on the final result.
Identify your core users and disclose their background, needs, challense, skills, influencers and their level of interaction over time.
User Journey
For projects that concern one or moe critical processes a user journey can help put the designer in the shoes of the user and understand their thoughts and emotions as they move throughout a particular process. This is based heavily off of EffectiveUI's customer journey map with the addition of common persona elements.
Influencer Map
People often don't make a decision by themselves. Rather, they lean on those around them for advice and then make a decision based off what they hear from trusted sources. This deliverable can help visualize the importance and priority of each influencer for a particular persona within a specific objective.
This type of flowchart provides a high-level overview of what happens during a specific wizard process. This can be especially helpful when presenting to executives who have the propensity to get lost in the details of a prototype or other deliverable before understanding the overall goal of a feature.