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    The logo was done for "Al-huda Youth". It is the youth department within the Al-huda Mosque. Located in Toronto, Canada.
Logotype for "Al-huda Youth". 
It is the youth department within the Al-huda Mosque. 
Located in Toronto, Canada.
Looking for a base-form..
One of the requirements of the customer was - save a "star" at the heart of the logo. Initially, I tried to repeat it, but to bring something new ..
As a result, in my opinion, I found something new .. In this case, the "star" is made up of the main plexus of calligraphy in the logo - the word "al-huda".
Trying to place calligraphy into it.
And looking for colors.
Yeah! The gold one is really good.
"Working with you has been a pleasure, as a designer myself, I can tell that for you, it was not about finishing the project and getting paid. You did your work because you truly love it and put your effort into it. You also took the time to advice me of what would work best within your own knowledge of design. I would definitely recommend you in all aspects of arabic calligraphy and design."
Thanks for watching!
Assalyamu aleykum.