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    The "organic form" coffee table set design is strongly influenced by nature itself and unintentionally look like Rafflesia, the largest flower in… Read More
    The "organic form" coffee table set design is strongly influenced by nature itself and unintentionally look like Rafflesia, the largest flower in the world, native to the rainforests of Malaysia. (Rafflesia used to be Malaysian national symbol, but it is now replaced by Petronas Twin Towers.) The rounded triangle shape indirectly represent Malaysia three main races which are Malay, Chinese and Indian, living together hand-in-hand harmoniously. The rattan coffee table set design signifies the wonders of Malaysian tropical rainforest and is designed to inspire tranquility, harmony and serenity. The footstool allows users to position themselve in total freedom when sitting on it and give them the feeling that seems to sit on the petals and give the possibility to reconnect with nature, creating a feeling of calm. However, the hollow center of the coffee table can be filled with plants or stones to create a point of focus or a natural screen. The low design show how amazingly the rounded design form able to rouse new spirit for the user. When sitting in this coffee table set while enjoying a cup of tasty tea or reading a book makes users tend to forget their hectic affairs. In line with the concept of going ‘green’, this coffee table set is constructed using sustainable material such as mengkuang (screwpine leaves or pandanus), aluminum frame, recyclable acrylic panel, olefin fabric and rubber wood. The mengkuang strips deftly woven into geometry patterns that blend seamlessly into each other over aluminum frame and rubber wood. Hence, this coffee table set is definitely bound to appeal to the eco-friendly individuals and international market. To add to the enjoyment during the time of usage, a soft and detachable seat cushion with earth tone and ‘effervescence’ pattern batik is applied on the top of the footstool. The intention is to add a touch of Malaysia hospitality. The combination of the ‘effervescence’ pattern instead of the traditional batik pattern gives the stool a spark of youthfulness, vitality and enthusiasm. In short, it breathes a new life into the footstool and it serves to introduce batik as national art form to the youth, Malaysia’s future generation. Simple and soft looking, yet full of spirit and texture, this coffee table set is sure to attract some admiring glances wherever it places. The use of mengkuang weaving in the coffee table set reflects a rich heritage of the country. It re-imagines a traditionally rustic material to create a sophisticated piece of furniture. Softly spherical and woven, it has a striking and simple aesthetic despite its texture. It is suitable to be placed in living room to create a natural and comfortable atmosphere. Read Less