The whole world within Russia
The new Russian tourism brand. Russia is tremendous and vast. It has everything one can imagine: from subtropical to Arctic regions and climates, from the deepest lakes to the highest peaks. The truth is, Russia is not only huge in sheer size, but in other aspects as well – it stretches from the past to the future, comprising multiple cultures and preserving thousands of stories and memories. The Whole World within Russia. Suprematism – one of the directions of Russian avant-garde artistic movement – originated in our country in the early 20th century and represented advanced thinking, not only on the scale of Russia, but for the whole world. The Russian tourism brand’s graphic solution is a stylized map of Russia. The map’s elements represent our country’s specific places and territories, convincingly communicating its character and depth.

Made by Made by Russian Brand Consultancies Association for Rostourism.
Team: Vladimir Lifanov, Ilya Lazuchenkov, Egor Myznik, Denis Shlesberg, Erken Kagarov, Sergey Rasskazov.

Russia tourism brand