Reckless Ideas
This project let me practice branding skills and create a design that fit with the style of the lecture topics and could reach a wide audience. It also gave me a chance to practice working within Generator's general style and organizing a personal timeline for a project.
Pitch it Fab it
This was the first poster I designed using the poster template I created. It gave me the opportunity to explore how a template would work in practice and refine my ideas for how to lay out the poster template for other people to use in the future.
Class Poster and Brochure
These pieces gave me the chance to explore the evolution of Generator's brand to make the logo easier to use and feel cohesive until they are able to complete a whole rebrand. I ended up using the limited amount of photos they had in a unique way that creates a style they can use in future projects until they have time to schedule photo shoots for new images. 
Annual Impact Statement
This project gave me the chance to explore using charts and how to display a variety of information and data as well as applying some of the styles I used in the class poster and brochures. 
Learning Lab
This project is not yet completed, but has given me the chance to apply Generator's style in a 3D physical space and envision how an environment could be better designed to improve the experience of those using it.