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    A great, inspiring place in Amsterdam; Heesterveld.
Heesterveld creative community
“Give each other 1 dollar and you’ll both have 1 dollar. Give each other an idea and you’ll both have two ideas.”
This must have been the thought of the people initiating the Heesterveld Creative Community. A great woman who was voted Amsterdammer of the year some time ago, decided to change the face of the South-East of Amsterdam, which has had a negative image for quite some time. Heesterveld is a block of about 200 houses who are now solely being rent to creative souls. Photographers, filmmakers, singers, rappers, producers, graphic designers, clothing designers and more are colouring up the image of the neighbourhood. As quite a few of my friends live in Heesterveld I’ll be around the community a lot and you may consider quite a few of my projects to be born or grown up in here.
For now just a photo of one of the creative minds in the area (a rapper/filmmaker) as I’ll use this blog as a photographic outlet as well.