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    Behind the scenes photography of the Amsterdam-shot music video for T-Pain ft. Lily Allen - 5 O'Clock.
Behind the scenes with T-Pain and Wiz Khalifa
Digging in some old photo folders I found these pictures I made behind the scenes of a music video for T-Pain in Amsterdam. It was for the music video for T-Pain ft. Lily Allen - 5 O'Clock. I was at the scenes helping out my friend and fellow filmmaker (cameraman, editor, director & more) mr. Selwyn de Wind with some data managment for his (video) making of.
I love shooting some pictures documentary style and I must say I was quite positively surprised to see this pictures again, since I think they turned out really nice. I would love to do more of this behind the scenes photography work. Experiencing the process of filming anything, whether it's a music video, a tv episode, a movie, an internet video or commercial, it's always a versatile and exciting experience. 
I must say i'm not the biggest fan of how the music video turned out, but I had absolutely no involvement in the video itself. However my man Selwyn de Wind made a really nice making of, so I'd advise you to just watch that, find it here: http://www.selwyndewind.com/index.php/item/56-behind-the-scenes-t-pain-feat-wiz-khalifa-lily-allen-5-oclock.