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    International News Illustrations from Mondokio Internship.
I was given the opportunity this past summer to be an intern for Mondokio International News. During my internship I illustrated images for the daily international news articles that were featured on their website at Mondokio.com.
"Election of an Islamist President of Egypt Raises Concern"
"Turkey Describes Syria's Attack on a Turkish Military Jet as 'Threat to Security' to UN"
"Egyptian Court Bans Army Imposed Martial Law"
"European Leaders Gather for Summit, Test Alliances"
"Supreme Court Rules to Uphold Obama’s Healthcare Law"
"Thousands Protest a Return to Nuclear Power in Japan"
"Ban on U.S. Investment in Burma Lifted"
"Mitt Romney Faces New Bain Capital Questions"
"Afghans Concerned About Removal of Troops"
"Apple, Samsung Face Off in Federal Court"
"If You"ve Got a Business — You Didn't Build It" 
"Russia to Restore Army Bases in Three Oceans"