"Det Som Engang Var"
"Sperent in te"
"Papè Satan aleppe."
"Oh! diva pegasea, iluminame tú, porque releve sus figuras cual helas concebido: Tu potencia haga ver mi verso breve."
"O sanguis meus, o superinfusa gratia Dei, Sicut tibi cui bis unquam coeli janua reclusa?
"I open my eyes
I'm into the tomb
feel a touch of cool
carry beneath the gates...."
De masticatione mortuorum in tumulis.
"...and now lucifer comes
rides on the wings of winds
opens the gates of ancient towns
leads us to eternal delight
among the thousand flames
from dark to black again..."
"...burn my eyes
make me see illusions
burning in black flames forever...!"
"...Cold, I'm standing in the moonlight
Demons return to me every night
Fill my soul with sacred power
Mystical whispers resound with hollow echo
Spread out my hands..."
"...bring me there
where daylight never exists
and people live on gloom
bring me there
where I will be free
from god's tyranny.."
"her eyes are dark and cold
like northern frost
and icy breath
is a wind for the faithful..."
"...but there will be days
when I shall rise
a dawn of my kingdom
slowly comes
I will fight again
will take your mind
to sit on the golden throne
somewhere in the sky..."
"Witches among the night, lead me to the horned moon,
I entered my evil soul to fortify my frosty hate
freezing breath of the blackheart fill the interior
pagan wings rise me over the evil palace..."
"...now it's time to finish my journey, to rest
I fall into oblivion with weapons
no one will feed my razor with blood again
and the ships sing the psalm of the immortal..."
"...burning in black flames forever
the child of my morbid perversion
is screaming glory of darkness..."
"...I turn into ashes all the holyness
I destroy the altars of contempt with my sword
then I hide in a blackrain, naked trees
the depths of the forests are my home..."
"in black chaos hell reigns..."
"...In the forest of the Eternal dreaming
Old oak lighted up by the full moon's light
The coldness of dungeon torches the inside of wooden maze
From the womb of the mother-wolf I was born
The witches foretold the coming of tragedy
They awakened fright in the hearts of my enemies
In the midnight wilderness I took a pledge
Quickly I fell in love with the taste of steel
For ages waiting for its denudation
The final triumph
The pure barbarity.."
"Call the clouds, desecrating all the holiness..."
Dejo aquí, en tus umbrales,
mi corazón inaugurado; mi voz incompatible;
mi máscara y mi grito y mi desvelo;
todos los carozos desnudos, roídos de intemperie;
todo lo que decae como un pétalo seco
en los vencidos días de otoño.
«Eluard-la liberté».
Carried on the hellish wings of fire
I discover the deepest desires, feel delighting...