Here's the last 10 of my works . A total of 20 designs was created before end of 2012 .

Capture on the tiny island V2
A reworked of an old design. I changed the panda to cat in the boot. Make more sense with mice/rat.
Cloud Maker
Sequel of "Solar Power". Created with traditional brushes, sumi-e ink and photoshop.
Cat Vs Cat(fish)
In Japanese mythology, (Namazu) a giant catfish is believed to cause earthquakes. He lives in the mud under the islands of Japan, and is guarded by the god (Kashima) who restrains the catfish and I think the god was actually a big cat with the hope to save mankind.
Created with traditional brushes, sumi-e ink and photoshop. Hope you like.
Ice Terror ( Tee version)
Based on ice climber, a classic NES video game developed by Nintendo during the winter of 1984.
“Hammering your way in game is possible but probably its not going to work in real life. Terror is out there in reality.”
The Floating World
The floating world or Ukiyo-e in Japanese is a genre style of painting and printmaking developed in the olden Japan referring to the transient pleasures and freedom from the concerns of everyday world.
Created with traditional brushes, sumi-e ink and photoshop. Hope you like.
Lone Wolf & Little Red Cub
Inspired by Japan manga and films, " Lone Wolf & Cub" and with a twist of little red riding hood. Trying something different from my usual style.
Explorer girl
Inspired by Liberty girl by Norman Rockwell and the children's favorite explorer. Trying a different style and approach.
The 7
Inspired by Japan classic movie, " Seven Samurai." Created into 2 vintage movie color schemes.
May the meow be with you!~
Enter the Dragon palace
Based on a Japanese legend about a fisherman who rescues a turtle and is rewarded for this with a visit to the palace of the Dragon God, under the sea.
An unexpected journey
"Life is a journey. A journey where you meet up with strangers that might become friend or enemy with or without religious belief but you know it make this journey worthwhile and make your life complete." Inspired by a Disney and a Japanese animation.