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    Rebranding project
About the project
The premise of the need for prompt renewal of the brand after this present a series of failures in its composition and deployment.

In the research phase, the aim was to incorporate the necessary foundation to undertake a project and subsequent implementation of a management plan and implementation of brand, likewise, be achieved working with previous research results for the correct development of the brand. The key points of the research were to determine in the public interest and in the personnel of the company, where they had the mark, as they felt and how they were part of them, all based on a strategy of brand experience. This is how the brand determine achieved CPMP (CasaPlan-MotorPlan) was solidly positioned in the minds and hearts of those who lived with it every day, good points as generators of evolution.

For this phase, keywords such as 'quality', 'advice', 'innovation', 'commitment', 'growth', 'stay', would be an essential part in building the foundations for working on the new iconography proposal.

The answer would be the unification of two geometric representative figures for both lines of business (Ceiling - Rim) in a single icon to transfer the brand values, it is an icon for easy recognition, and pregnante solid. I worked on the concept of the 'shield', the same as the contents and would represent a value associated with the legacy of the company (and with 12 years on the market).

Incorporating new color shades and font that suited the brand intangible contents would support the new proposal, maintaining a color coding similar to the previous proposal, more readable and recognizable sources.

A project that lasted 14 months, divided into 3 month phases of pre-project, 3 for research, 4 months in development and 4 in implementation.
Logo: Before
Logo: After
Corporate stationery (Demo)
Corporate stationery
Corporate stationery: Envelopes and Letterhead
Corporate stationery: Business Card
Flyer: past / redesigned
Newsletter: inisde
Institutional texture
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