Łasica (Weasel) - corporate strategic game

Scope: graphic design / illustrations / art direction

About project:
Łasica is a social card game set in the corporate world. We created this project for the coaching company Octigo. Initially, this was thought to be a promo gadget, but we discovered it has a potential to go on the market. After we designed the graphics, Lasica was soft-launched on the Pyrkon convent and our Client decided to implement it for sale. Currently Lasica is available in good game stores.
From the reviews:
Cards are beautifully designed, and the pictures harmonized with the text...
Karty są pięknie zdobione, a obrazki harmonijnie współgrają z tekstem...

Graphic design is simple and disarming in their own way. 
Projekt graficzny kart jest prosty i rozbrajający w swoim koncepcie. 

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For now game aviable only in Polish. English translation might have come soon.