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Blow by BYREDO.
Industrial Design

Blow by BYREDO  

 A integrated fragrance product
Designed by Minki Kim / 2017

" How many perfumes do you have? "

So many kinds of fragrance products eau de toillette, parfum, colong, hair perfume, mist ... )
And we continue to purchase these for various reasons

As interest in fragrance continues to grow, various kinds of fragrance products are emerging. People continuously buy products for a variety of reasons, including to find their own fragrances, to consider season and conditions. However, too many kinds of perfumes which are out of trend or fed up, were thrown away without even fully used. 
I’ve been trying to figure out the needs that people constantly looking for new fragrances, and solve the following problems. 

Using big data, AI makes various kinds of perfumes considering preference and purpose of use

‘Blow’ makes own fragrances, such as perfume, hair perfume, and mist and so on, by using AI algorithm and big data. 
Big data has your information of preference, and your schedule (meeting, date, and so on).
Analyzed big data(that contains your experience) helps to make fragrance considering ones’ preferences. 
Now just choose the AI which has the most information about you. It increase the probability of finding scent you need and want.

While doing make up or preparing to go out, smell the scent sample that ‘Blow’ recommends, and select what type of perfume you need (eau de toillette, eau de perfume, mist and so on). Then, whenever you need, lift the ‘handy part’ and spray it to where you want.

Be with the philosophy of 'BYREDO'

"Taste of scent be decided by own's experience. Smell is a reminder of memories, a subjective memory "

- Ben Gorham (The founder of BYREDO) -


You can smell and wear various perfumes by utilizing 'wind', not pumping
When you touch the led part, 'Blow' blows the selected scents. Wind can control the spraying method, with its’ strength.
I imagined of new method to spray various fragrance products, which is totally different from common pumping structure.
Perfume is suited only to spray specified area, to the contrary, mist is sprayed to wide area with delicate scent. There is a gap between these two products in its use. I thought ‘wind’ can narrow the gap, and it’s the core element of “Blow”

Curious capsule: which provides several scent's ingredients likes ink cartridge

5 basic ingredients, water, and alcohol in capsule, mix your own's scent.
By using them, it can make about hundreds of smell and adjust concentration of perfume.
When capsule is out of ingredients, just change it to the new one.

Beyond the charging function, cradle makes 35 degree to face the user

Using weight inserted in cradle, it can make 35 degree position.
That makes user smell scents easily and put down the handy part comfortably.

Just pick up the handy part, and spray wherever you want

Cmf for feeling curious function, and harmony with cosmetic products

1:1 mock-up process

Thank you for watching


Blow by BYREDO.