Greenton. Herbal tea packaging
The A.STUDIO Agency has developed a packaging design for herbal teas produced under the Greenton TM. The result is a vivid and modern image for this traditional Russian product.
Market situation

The brief was to come up with a design for this packaging that would set the product apart from other manufacturers while also conveying the health beneficial properties of the product. At the same time, the product image was not supposed to be perceived as something “pharmaceutical”, nor shift it into the category of common, everyday tea.

There is not a single memorable player among those on the market. Their design often fails to match the product’s price point. Such conditions offered a good opportunity for creating a visual image that was non-typical for this product category.

The packaging design is based on the typography, large accentuations and minimalism. The product name in large letters helps the buyer to single out the product on the shelf quickly, while the changing colors create easy navigation within the product line. Bright color combinations indicate the product flavor and enable the brand to “jump out” from the range of competitors.

Navigation among tea types is created using pictograms placed next to the product name. Leaf teas and granulated teas are marked with relevant illustrations.