Mofkera Notebooks

  • 1999
  • 172
  • 55
  • Mofakera means a notebook in Arabic, its a new type of notebooks like a small sketch or copybook that focuses on old Egyptians' sayings passed down to us through our ancestors. Each design is different than the other old and new, dates back to our heritage and has modern colors in the same time, maybe it expresses who we are as Egyptians and also how was our folklore like by using characters from the famous Operetta "El Leila El Kebera" or "The big night" which was a theatrical Muppet show about "El Moled" festival in our heritage. Mofakera also emphasizes the old environment with its originality and oriental style but in a modern and vital perspective and of course stressing on the most important and essential factor of creativity throughout the course of history and till now which is the human being .
  • 50 papers 
    Lined 10x15 cm 
    Made in Egypt