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Your Future Today Series
Your Future Today - Series
Commissioned by Hillcrest Christian College, Victoria, Australia

The brief:
To showcase children living their future career dream by transporting them to an imaginative, out of this world scene.
To focus on the child's emotion at living their future dream
Where required, to include adults and elements that further illustrate the hyper reality of the dreamscape

The children should be current students of the College
Elements of the College to be included (where possible) as a sub story to the main advertising commentary
The final pieces to be high resolution for print applications including: Bus Wraps, Large Billboards, Flyers, and Web
A Cinemagraph (Artymate) version of each to be provided with looping, moving elements to showcase as web headers and facebook headers
Behind the Scenes Video of each to tell the story of the creations
“Every aspect of what Hillcrest Christian College does, including marketing, is focused on quality and care. That is why we have partnered with Karen as her work is unique,  innovative and spells quality.” - Dr Gregg Weaver - Head of College
The Chef
Your Future Today
The Chef was the first image to be created in the series. The concept was to showcase the career potential for students at Hillcrest Christian College, by placing a young boy, front and centre, in the midst of a busy commercial kitchen.

The shoot location was the new commercial kitchen that forms part of the College facilities. The major benefit of this set was the sub story that this is actually a space the students have the opportunity to learn in. Although on the initial viewing, most would envision this is actually a large restaurant kitchen.

The brief required us to choose a student from the College. We discovered Ben, a Grade 3 student, who had an aptitude for drama and coincidently a father who was a professional Chef. We co-opted Jim, Ben's father to play the part of Chef of Fire, and also help guide us on aspects relating to a working kitchen. 

The other characters were played by 2 ex students and the a staff member of the College.
The Process:

The camera was locked down in position and the strobes were relocated for each subject. The subjects and the elements were photographed independently to ensure best lighting on each person, best expression and best positioning.

Moving elements, fruit, vegetables the dough and the flour were also captured in different takes.

The fire in the pan was captured on set to ensure realism.
"Being part of the process really reinforced to me about the importance of my decisions and choices as a parent and how the outcomes of those decisions are integral in shaping my child's future.  I think the finished print helped both myself and my wife to realise that opportunity and choice is the best gift that we can give as parents and that by choosing Hillcrest, that is exactly what we have done." - Jim (father of Ben - Student and chef with frypan)
AIPP APPAs Commercial Silver Distinction
WPPI International Commercial Silver
Print and Web Materials
“Karen listens, she dreams, she confers, she designs and she creates works of photographic art that convey so clearly the messages and feel we want.” - Dr Gregg Weaver - Head of College
The Astronaut
Your Future Today
View the Behind the Scenes Video
The Process:
I worked with the clients in sections to ensure that their vision was being managed. Each part of the of process I checked in with the team to ensure we were on track. The first part of the process required me to present two alternatives for the 'world below'. Once the night scene was chosen the next step was to add the model space station (photographed in my studio) and then the 3D astronaut to prepare for the in studio shoot.

In the studio we hooked the boys up on a harness and had them 'floating' in space in various positions. I tethered to my computer and mocked up the chosen photographs during the shoot to ensure we had what we needed.
The Finished Image
“Being a part of the Hillcrest Promo Shoot was a fantastic opportunity for our boys. The boys felt like superstars and were honoured to know that their photos would be used to promote their school. The studio was professional and photographers extremely talented. The experience was stress free and lots of fun for us all.” - Mother of the Boys
Print and Web Materials
The Scientist
Your Future Today
This shoot required some key players in order to pull it off. Our model, student Olivia (10), comfortably played the role of young scientist. Her expressions were animated and she was very comfortable with the camera.

The Hillcrest Christian College lab assistant, Elizabeth Cardoza, handled all of the chemicals, allowing me to focus on the shoot and our model to stay safe.

Our other models, were teachers from the college, and they played their parts well, fitting into to the scene to help convey the story.
Print and Web Materials
Behind the Scenes Video
The Author
Your Future Today
The concept of 'The Author' was to showcase a student in a writers quarters, in the midst of authoring a book. As he writes, his imagination begins to come to life. Characters he has written about surround him. 

Several of these characters are from other scenes from Karen's Story Art works, while some are new creations.

This image was primarily shot on location in the Studio with the set created from antiques, and foliage.

The Animated Version
Behind the Scenes
“ It was great to see a 'Behind the scenes' look at all the work that goes in to capturing that one special photo.  Having the video filmed showing some of the process was great too.
Timothy enjoyed being involved in the photo shoot and loved being chosen to represent his school.  He really loved seeing how the photos were taken and edited, and loved seeing the final photo.” - Timothy's Parents
“We (Hillcrest Christian College) are thrilled with the “Your Future Today” series commissioned by the College. Karen has creatively captured the essence of what it means for students to realise their future potential as they learn today.” - Dr Gregg Weaver - Head of College
Your Future Today Series


Project Made For

Your Future Today Series

An Advertising Campaign for a Private Collage that showcases the students living their future career dream