Designs made for and for my friends, some of them only for myself.
I used Direct To Garment printing technology.
To really feel everything press play and listen some music from Gramatik ;)
"Nowhere To Go" - inspired by my favourite muscle cars and thinking about finding "the right path"
"Horny Vampire Cat" made for Halloween Party
"LUV THC" - shortcut for LOVE THC, inspired by famous logo of music group Run–D.M.C.
widely acknowledged as one of the most influential acts in the history of hip hop culture.
I've been asked by shop to make a t-shirt design with QR code
that will be used for promotional purposes and as nice gift for our partners.
Main theme that need to be in the project was American muscle cars from the '70s (Shop's favourite type)
T-shirt made as tribute for polish City of Love - Wroclaw
Number "71" is well known phone city code for Wroclaw. This specific colors (red, green, white) are corresponding
to logo of football club form this city - Slask Wroclaw (est.1947)
Iggy Pop for Halloween as Jocker
"Mniej słów - Mniej błędów" is one of the wisest polish adage "Less words - Less mistakes"
"Znam kogoś kto zrobi to za 50zł" means "I know someone who do this for 50 PLN (about 16$)". This sentence is probably most common words that graphic designer in Poland hears at the beginning of his journey. Sometimes he hear them from his Boss/Art Director, sometimes from his client.