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This infographic presents data and knowledge of steps of hajj and umrah , and a tour guide that help haj in his trip .
Project 2 :­Steps of Umrah and Hajj
This infographic presents data and knowledge the Steps of Hajj and Umrah to help haj in his trip . the Master Concept is the Snail beginning of the Airport end to finishing his trip . By the Islamic Infographic can be know the details of Haj Wear, and how many hajs went to Hajj over the past five years ago .
The Steps :
1-     Starting by Ihram and Reaching Miqat ,
2-     Making Tawaf ,
3-      Making Sa'ee ,
4-     Ending the State of Ihram , Starting Ihram ,
5-     Staying in Mina
6-     Attending 'Arafat
7-      Staying the night in Muzdalifah
8-     Throwing stones at Jamrat al-'Aqabah
9-     Slaughtering/ Cutting Hair/ Tawaf Ifadah ,
10-   Cutting Hair
11-   Making Tawaf IFadah
12-   Making Sa'ee , Staying in Mina .
13-  Throwing pebbles at the 3 Jmarat.
14-  Making Tawaf (Farewell)
Master Concept : the Snail
Project Supervisor : Dr Yasser Nada
Graphic Designer :Mohamed Meleas