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    Some UI Works that were done in the past few years.
Mami Network Concept / 2013

Mami was a concept proposal for a social network for mothers. The website was to be built around user profiles and articles from experts and mothers.

Interface is clear and structured on a grid which allows easy navigation. Category colors and titles were designed to access content smoothly. It was aimed to create a subtle brand and website which gives out a happy and loving environment. 

Sentio Website / 2013

Sentio is a sports analytics company which works with both sports professionals and broadcast companies. Their website is their primary medium to reach clients abroad and inform them about their services. They asked for a very clear and responsive website where they could promote their services efficiently on multiple platforms.


Hip-Hop Timeline / 2012

Screenshots and notes from my bachelor project.

"Inspired by the roots and evolution of Hip-Hop cuture, this project is dedicated to creating a platform to explore and serve the facts about hip-hop of the past and the present. Hip-Hop Timeline aims to develop and get larger witg the contributions of its users."

To take advantage of diverse types of media and availability to the end user, the project was built as a website.

Due to its goal of being an information resource, my project was created with the chronological data for 42 years of hip-hop gathered in 8 months.

I took complete responsibility in research, concept development, UI, UX and identity designs.