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    ESA 5G - Communicating Innovation from Mobile Technology to Satellite Data

ESA 5G - Communicating Innovation from Mobile Technology to Satellite Data 

The next generation of communication services – 5G – will rely on a harmonious integration of networks, driving a convergence of fixed and mobile services, including satcom services. This is a topic that will affect everybody, as it will change the way we communicate, work and interact with technology. ESA’s Satellite for 5G (S45G) programme aims to promote the value-added benefits of space to 5G, by developing and demonstrating integrated satellite- and terrestrial-based 5G services, across multiple markets. ESA supports the technological and supply chain evolutions that are required to weave together terrestrial and space services, focusing on the transport sector (maritime, aviation and land), public safety, media and broadcasting and other areas of interest.

To highlight its involvement in 5G technology, the European Space Agency commissioned Nucco Brain to produce a series of visual assets aimed at both the general public and their industry partners. Starting with a 2 min animated video, our studio created complementary content including 10 still images and an infographic. These visual assets have been presented at one of the ESA's international corporate events.

Client: ESA - European Space Agency
Studio: Nucco Brain
Account Manager: Natasha Wheatley
Producer: Arianne Edwards
Art Director: Ryan Lovelock
Animation: Nick Edmondson & Rob Scott
Design: Mathilda Holmkvist 

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