- Project was made entirely in Cinema 4d, rendered with Octane Render C4D Plugin. ​​​​​​​
- For rendering we've used a combination of 9x GPU cards (3x1080ti, 6x1070ti), 
depending on particular needs of a scene, and rendering power available to us at the moment. 
- On average we were able to achieve up to 15 minutes per frame, with sampling rates usually around 8k. 
- Project went trough slight post production process with use of After Effects.

Both films, along with their VO, draw the viewer into a space that provides great insight into the work 
of the Design and Creative Departments.The animations we have created are now on the landing page: journey.saatchiis.plAfter their voyage, new Argonauts can leave their CV and application 
to join the ranks of Saatchi & Saatchi IS. Recruitment is ongoing.