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    a cooking concept that engages three generations of a family to cook with one another
The goal of this project was to create a system of objects that encouraged three generations of a family to cook together.  The main challenge was observing and understanding the interactions between the three groups.  The resulting objects had to be simple, useful and engaging. 
We started by observing the characteristics and interrelationships between the three different generations.  Careful observations of how the three acted and interacted led to conclusions about which roles each played in the task at hand. 
We then cooked some food for ourselves, keeping in mind the tasks that had to be carried out and which persona would be be suited to engage in each task. For example; If the task was an energetic one, the child would be encouraged.  If the task was an exact measurement, the grandmother or the mother would take charge. 
The observations of people and the cooking tasks were analyzed to see which objects were most useful and fun.  The three objects chosen were a cutting board, a measuring cup and a whisk.  The board acts as the hub of the meal.  Things are chopped on it but it is also a natural gathering point for the rest of the elements of the meal.  The measuring cup is a periphery of the board that requires patience and a slow pace.  The whisk requires energetic, cathartic exercise.  All three work in unison to make food.