Per Kr. Heitmann
Book cover graphic: Tore Ommedal

Layout and cover design of a book written in Norwegian by Per Kr. Heitmann. The book can be purchased through, both as a paperback and in the EPUB and MOBI formats.

En sterk og dagsaktuell historie om livet i Midtøsten. Fortellingen om en rakrygget lokal pastor som ikke vil gjøre annet enn å hjelpe andre mennesker. For det blir han forfulgt, forsøkt drept flere ganger og fengslet uten lov og dom.

A strong tale about life in the Middle East. A story about a local pastor who stood his ground and didn't want to do anything other than help people. For that, he was persecuted, survived multiple assassination attempts and was jailed without a lawful sentence.
"Arameeren" takes us on a journey to another world. It's a story about people who choose love and faith in the middle of war and persecution. The story challenges, inspires and gives valuable insight into everyday life in Middle East.

Steinar Husby – A public speaker