Amazing Race - Ukrainian version. STB TV channel
Svitami za skarbami

Graphic opening for tv show "Svitami za skarbami" (Amazing Race) Ukrainian version.

The idea was simple. The show is about travel trough the world and doing some fun things all around the world. The compass is the element that familiar for everyone.

We took the compass and use it for logo. Stylishing it for our needs and adding road elements, and then customizing it with elements of the country that the show is bringing you.

But enougth words. By the way who reads them...)))
Our icons that we use in graphics

And animation of them. There is many interesting things going in them if you will be attentive enought to see it.))
Principe of customizing logo with elements of countries. Vietnam, Italy, Germany and standard travel mode.
Design Department Team

Chief Designer: Dmytro Litvinenko
Art Director: Andrew Gorlov
Producer: Lilya Zhyrko
Idea: Julia Kotsuba
Logo: Vlada Bortnovska
Illustration: Julia Kotsuba

We got award for visual identity for this project. Ukrainian design the best of.

Thank you for your time!

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