Identifying the Bond Equation : Visual Data Analysis
The Brief: Conducting Research on one of the beforehand options provided and creating a framework accordingly.

Topic: Investigate The James Bond movies and The Phenomenon of the James Bond as a silver screen character - its origins, evolution, development, future nuances and condense these/them essence of Bond as a character.

1) Application of an array of research methods which when employed will inform the design outcome.
2) Conducting research and students will witness research results.
3) Building discipline-specific case studies for explaining research method and/or learn from and replicate it in the study of the aforementioned topic.(Literature review)
4) Summing up the context and findings and presenting them all together with inferences.

Links for Primary Data Collection have been given in the aforementioned document :
Following is the final presentation : 
This project was done as a part of academic curriculum for the module 'Research Methodology' which was mentored and guided by Mrs. Mamata Rao at National Institute of Design, R&D Campus, Bengaluru.

Most of the data has been primarily collected by watching all the 24 James Bond Movies by EON Productions. The data has been observed by the team members unless stated otherwise.

We had a lot of fun watching all 24 James Bond movies. Hope you like it! 
Identifying the Bond Equation : Research Methodology