In this project for pattern we created 20 designs using symbols and lettering from type. We then chose 5 of our favorite and were put into groups at random. We had to create patterns using and chosing from our groups of 3. We then duplicated our final piece and made it bigger. We also made a colored version of our pattern. 
For this project we took pictures we had taken and changed the color scheme of it and messed with different schemes. 

For this project we went over the anatomy of the skull and drew it. The one on the left is the during the begining of the first semester while the one on the right is the end of the first semester.
For this project we looked at the anatomy of the cow skull and drew it from a live cow skull.
For this project we tried to get the feel for the shaping of the fingers on the hand. We went through drawing skeletons first and other techniques. We then drew our final pieces with us holding something meaninful in our hands. 
For this project we chose an intersting piece we had at home and had drawn it in 3 different angles. Then we had drawn it in enlarged form in a 3D view of the piece.
For this project we had to create a logo for ourselves. Something that represents me.
This project is a self initiated project that on my own time made using photography and photo editing.
Another self initiated project that was created for my brother as his logo that represents him.
For this project we were given a menu from an old restraunt and told to create our own design that functions correctly for a trifold menu.