Camio - Home monitoring meets machine learning
At Camio, I helped lead the ideation, technical approach and launch of digital products to create user interfaces for machine learning smart home monitoring camera. By creating a unified experience across iOS, Android, Web, and partnered hardware devices, Camio let anyone turn any tablet, computer, or smartphone into a home monitoring camera. Just download Camio on the device you’ll use to record, place it in the area you want to see, and press record. 

I helped define Camio’s product line vision for both software (web and mobile) and hardware (mobile camera) product offerings for one of the initial mobile-first IOT home security apps. 

- I advocated for and drove product features with agile product design.
- Managed the software development cycle (product strategy, market analysis, requirement gathering, user stories, wireframing, user testing, design, implementation, QA, release, maintenance, data analysis, and improvement) 
- Reduced number of support tickets related to on-boarding by 80% by conducting a series of usability tests and data analysis and redesigning the user on-boarding process
Web Design
Then view you video from anywhere using another device. Already recording with another device? Download the Camio app to view your feed from this device.
Featured in: VentureBeat, TechCrunch, Re/Code, and WSJ

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