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The Identification System of Egypt's Governorates
Egypt is divided into 27 official governorates. Each governorate has something special about it, its core elements. These core elements can be either tangible like a building, monument, special industry or intangible like its weather, stunning nature, or historical incident. Each governorate has been well researched in order to elicit these core elements and design a representative logo that would be unique, memorable and gives a discern identity to the city.
I created 15 designs of the governorates as a sample to view the new suggested design concept. Governorates branding is one of the most crucial intangible elements for any place. It is a way to promote the cities to relevant audiences. The governorate’s logo should look appealing by creating a positive image through the unique impression it leaves .
The current identification system
The Suggested Unified Identification System
The outer-shape of the logo represents the concept of the pyramid; which is the significant element of Egypt as a country; it reflects its history and identity as well.
 The main governorates are those with special importance politically and culturally. The red color has been chosen for this category based on the colors of Egypt’s flag.

Cairo is considered to have the greatest status; as it is the political, administrative, and commercial capital. Consequently, the eagle, Egypt’s coat of arms, was chosen to symbolize its greatness.

 Alexandria has several core elements. However, the Bibliotheca was chosen for its unique architecture and representation of the cultural civilization of the governorate.

Giza is known mainly for the great pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. However, Sphinx was
chosen for its uniqueness and different form.
The agricultural governorates category is considered the largest, as there are 14 agricultural governorates in Egypt out of the 27. The green color represents agriculture and crops .

Al Sharqeya is known for breeding the Arabian horses.The horse’s head was chosen to be the logo.

Al Menoufeya is considered a countryside governorate and its main core element is the pigeon tower.

Al Fayoum is popular for the water runnels as well as Al Rayan Valley. The runnel was depicted in the logo to revive the heritage and culture of the city.
The governorates around the red sea coast are known for their beautiful nature and weather. The light blue is chosen based on the blue shade of the sea and the sky.

The core element of South Sinai is the Saint Catherine zone, and especially the Saint-Cathrin church that has ben depicted in the logo.

The Red Sea governorate is popular for the marine life and underwater activities.

The core element of North Sinai is petroleum and mineral extraction. Accordingly, the petrol extraction tower was chosen to represent it.
The port governorates are concerned with importing and exporting products through the Suez Canal. The dark blue represent ing this category symbolizes stability and professionalism.

The core element of Suez is the Suez Canal and the fact that it is an industrial governorate.
Thus, it has been represented by a huge ship.

Port-Said is popular for the Suez canal and the sea port. Based on this, the helm has been chosen to differentiate it from the rest of the logos in this category.

 Ismailia is known for fisheries and fish production. Consequently,  it has been depicted through a small fishing boat.

 The special identity governorates are known either for their historical importance or unique nature. This category is represented with this golden shade of yellow as it symbolizes uniqueness, hope, energy, and honor.

Luxor contains one third of the world’s monuments and it has several temples. Accordingly, the pylon was chosen to symbolize it.

Aswan is known for its breathtaking nature and magical Nile river, besides its monuments and the Nubian culture. The sailboat was chosen to differentiate it.

 Demiette is popular for the fish production and the existence of three types of water in it; Mediterenean sea, Nile river, and Al Manzala Lake. Therefore, there are 3 fish in the logo.
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The Identification System of Egypt's Governorates

The Identification System of Egypt's Governorates

Egypt is divided into 27 official governorates. Each governorate has something special about it, its core elements. These core elements can be ei Read More


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