Baghdad Abstracted.                                       بغــداد،تجريدية 
This work depicts the abstracted skyline of an ever-standing city that I spent half of my life in and called it home for more than a decade, the word Baghdad/بغداد in Arabic is created by using simple geometric shapes as a node to the modernist architecture movement that is one of the main characteristics of the Iraqi capital. 

From Le Corbusier's in Baghdad's Sport Center,mirrored in those vertical stripes demonstrating the Olympic-sized open air swimming pool that can be visibly seen crossing one of the many city circular highways to the iconic Martyrs Monument by Iraqi sculpture Ismael Fattah Al-Turk and Iraqi Architect Saman Kamal, all these shapes and forms are overlooking the Tigris River further solidifying the abstracted skyline concept.

The piece is read/observed from right to left in an Arabic fashion showing the journey the oldest city in history has been going through the past few decades in its modern-day re-incarnation.

The colors in the artwork mirrors that of the Iraqi flag, the regality of the pan-Arab colors that represents the history of Iraq and the region, the colors slowly morphed to vibrant hues clashing while still in color harmony detecting the recent uproar of the ethnic and creed clashing forgetting the homogeneous social fabric of a city divided. This changes through the time as we continue to read the Artwork the colors shift and that black thin stroke representing a monolithic entity reaching the sky in defiance of the city political unrest, this is shadowed in the white structure of Baghdad Tower of Communication in the heart of the Iraqi capital. As for the green space and the blueness of the letter Dal د is a representation of the fore mentioned Martyrs Monument the Blue color is a direct homage to this iconic monument that is held dearly to Iraqis as it is the physical manifestation and a symbolic commemoration of the innocent lost souls of the recent history wars and terrorism, the building is constructed of split turquoise dome in the style of the Abbasid era domes. 

In Arabic we have a saying; "God has entrusted me a moon in Baghdad". This became a common unspoken hymn between the displaced, refugees, and all Iraqis in Diaspora, this is the reason behind selecting the crescent to be a main focal point for the letter غ.

Print Proofing 
French Press Paper 
Glossy Finish and different background treatment.