The identity of the festival 'Letterforms'
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The Identity of The Festival Of Calligraphy And Lettering 'Letterforms'
The Identity of The Festival Of Calligraphy And Lettering 'Letterforms' is the big graduation project of the High School Of Print And Media Technologies (St. Petersburg / Russia). Professor Oleg Fakhrutdinov.

The concept of the festival determined in the name which consists of two parts: Letter and Forms. All events of the festival show the variety of types of writing, techniques, materials, tools, and ways of creating lettering. The festival showcases a variety of ways to apply handwriting in graphic design. The main exhibition of the festival dedicated to calligraphy called ‘Letterforms.’  Calligraphy and lettering work included on the album with the same name.

It is essential to show the guests of the festival the possibilities of using calligraphy and lettering. For this purpose, festival zones dedicated to chalk lettering, sign painting, broad and pointed pen calligraphy and brush pen calligraphy will organize. Moreover, the festival will offer calligraphy and lettering workshops. Expressive calligraphy will present as a separate type of writing.

The author is grateful
for participating in the project

Dmitry Petrovsky
Marina Marjina
Yuliya Kuznetsova
Elena Alexeeva
Victor Fitzner
Victoria and Vitalina Lopukhiny
Natalia Lotareva
Anna Suvorova
Ludmila Sorokina
Yulia Baranova
Natalia Toropitsyna
Alina Ipatova
Vera Evstafieva
These five signs mean different kinds of calligraphy and lettering. These lettering used in the posters, album, and other stuff. 
Posters for the festival
Lettering and posters for the workshops
The festival will be located in the New Holland Island (St. Petersburg, Russia).
The album of calligraphy and lettering 'Letterforms'. 

I would like to show calligraphy like an expressive and solid art. I am a big believer in the emotion of calligraphy and the message that sent before somebody begins to read before they get the rest of information. It’s fascinating to see how calligraphy develops nowadays. The album contains works covering different directions of calligraphy from more classical types of writing to experimental ones, made by non-traditional instruments and materials. Particular attention in the album given to Cyrillic calligraphy. Many artists study the history of Cyrillic. History is a unique material and the basis for the work. I thank all the participants of the project and suggest to go to the beautiful world of calligraphy!

Logotype of The Festival Of Calligraphy And Lettering 'Letterforms'
Souvenirs for the festival
A set for beginner calligrapher
Chalk packing for chalk lettering
The typeface game 'Letterforms'
All this will create the ground for professional communication, where visitors will be able to find a potential artists and get acquainted with the various design options.
Thank you!
The identity of the festival 'Letterforms'

The identity of the festival 'Letterforms'



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