SushiHan Visual Identity
         SushiHan is a sushi bar located in Bekasi, Indonesia. "SushiHan" name taken from the name of the owner "farhan". What differentiates sushihan with other sushi restaurant is, sushi han not serving raw fish like most sushi bar, because sushi han is targetting the audience who have never tried sushi but a bit skeptical of the raw food,
         in Indonesia, especially in big cities,popping a lot of sushi restaurant, with a similar logo and visual identity, they use visual element of traditional Japanese like japanesse flag, bamboo, japanese calligraphy, japanesse traditional women and other japanesse traditional stuff and I think it is too general and incompatible with target audience of sushi han, so I just picked up colorfull & playfull visual like japanesse youth culture nowaday