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Armenian Ornaments in Modern Fashion
All works done by students of Design Faculty at NUACA
Created by Manana Manukyan 
Created by Anna Potoyan
Created by Gohar Gabrielyan
Created by Margarita Eloyan
Created by  Lily Karapetyan
Created by Julia Darbinyan
Created by Mary Budaghyan
Created by Araksia Davtyan
Created by Lilit Melkonyan
Created by Suzanna Abrahamyan
Created by Anna Mkhitaryan
Created by Janna Sargsyan
Created by Veronica Melik-Mouradyan
Created by Karine Manukyan and Artak Martirosyan
Created by Mary Torgomyan
Created by Jirayr Ghukasyan
Created by Ashkhen aleksanyan
Created by Elen Sargsyan
Created by Grigori Gabrielyan
Created by Shushan  Khachatryan
Created by Diana Mkrtchyan
Created by Ast Khachatryan
Created by  Geghetcik Sargsyan
Created by Mariam Hovsepyan
Created by Ann Avetisyan
Created by Nonna Hovhannesyan
Created by Liana Mazmanyan
Created by Liana Tovmasyan
Created by Luiza Ghazaryan
Created by Minul Hakobyan
Created by Mariam Gevorgyan
Created by Shake Yeznikyan
Created by Mery Nersesyan
Created by Greta Hakobyan
Created by Anahit Hakobyan
Created by Ani Malkhasyan
Created by Hropsime Stepanyan 
Created by Mooshegh Panosyan
Created by Vahe Qotanyan
Created by Ani Muradyan

Created by Vahe Mesropyan
Created by Artyom Garabaghtcyan
Created by Arsen Adamyam
Created by Ruzan Dolinyan
Created by Anush Hambardzumyan
Created by Klara Margaryan, Kristina Movsisyan, Mane Gabrielyan
Created by Nare Nazaryan
Created by Nazeni Hakobjanian
Created by Emma Safaryan
Created by Katy Kasparyan
Created by Mari Ayvazyan
Created by Tatav Khachatryan
Created by Mariam Melkonyan
Created by  Arpine Harutyunyan
Created by  Liana Babayan
Created by Gurgen Babayan

Created by Edmond Hakobyan
Armenian Ornaments in Modern Fashion

Armenian Ornaments in Modern Fashion

Using Armenian Ornaments in Modern Fashion create possibilities for developing new creative direction in fashion. All models has been created by Read More