Giving the leading suncare brand a positive outlook — 2018

With such increased awareness of the dangers of the sun, it falls to a trusted brand like Soltan to deliver a clear message and put our minds at rest.
Innovative since it’s launch in 1939, Soltan offers maximum possible protection from harmful UVA rays (responsible for premature ageing and skin cancers) - something many of it’s competitors still aren't able to achieve. Two Create were approached to help retell their story through brand and packaging and to solve some functional issues along the way.   

Two Create set out to cut through the noise of the category, confused messages were replaced with expertise, clarity and permission to enjoy the sun! Positivity was embodied in the colour yellow, the new shade was made consistent by removing pearl additives and using soft matte textures. Packs were de-cluttered, removing anxious double claims and creating a feeling of relaxed space. The previous tottle (with opening base) clogged with sand, so this was redesigned as a lotion bottle with an active form, better representing the brand values and to enhance the user experience. The previous spray was difficult to use with hands covered in lotion. Rigorous ergonomic development has resulted in a spray which functions in even the most greasy hand, ideal for covering slippery children! The logo was re-defined, mixed messages clarified with a positive golden arc and typography made more expert with primary geometry.