Boost Mobile

The campaign revolves around life with no restrictions. We hate to get tied down by all those hidden costs and chargers in the end of the month. And Boost Mobile knows that. Their no-contract pre-paid service lets customers avoid any excess fees or hidden charges. They respect what the customers want by charging them for the exact amount spoken. So unlike other service providers, they wont punish you for having a little too much fun!
Copy reads: We ain't gonna punish you. With dollar a day payments, no contracts or extra fees, you won't care about those embarrassing situations. No restrictions.
Copy reads: We ain't gonna punish you. With prepaid minutes, you can live without regret. No restrictions.
Copy reads: We ain't gonna punish you. With no surprise bills, unwanted charges or fees, you can still respect yourself in the morning. No restrictions.
Boost Your Life - Mobile & Web Application

Boost your Life is a mobile & web application powered by Boost Mobile, which gives users a new fun & social way of exploring their citys best bars, clubs, restaurants & cafes. This application comes with all Boost Mobile phones and is also available online for download. So now people can boost their life with good times!
Boost Mobile have selected the most popular bars, clubs, restaurants & cafes in a your city and geo-tagged them using Google Maps. QR code stickers are also placed outside the selected locations. Once users download the ‘Boost Your Life’ smart-phone application, they can attach photos, videos & reviews by scanning the QR code and share their experience. They can share and get information at the location itself. Content attached to the QR codes can also be viewed online via the ‘Boost Your Life’ microsite.
The ‘Boost your Life’ application is divided into two main features - Scan & Boost Locator.
The Boost Locator: This feature allows users to locate a bar, restaurant or cafe of their choice without being at the location via GPS.
The Scan: This feature is used when outside a Boost Mobile refered location. The feature uses the camera to scan the
QR code stickers.
Boost Your is a microsite powered by Boost Mobile & Google 'Street' View. Once users attach content on the QR code stickers at locations, viewers on the microsite can search & browse through it.
The user can see how the application works.
Browse or search thousands of listings for the most popular bars, restaurants & cafes based on the opinions of over 6,000 local partygoers & foodies.
Once the location is selected, an interactive google street view animation directs the user to the place.
The user can see reviews, photos and videos uploaded by other users and get a feel of the place.
Campaign: Boost Mobile
Art Director: Shravan Hegde
Copywriter: Liana Plummer, Shravan Hegde
School: Academy of Art University
Awards: Bronze, AAU Spring Show Awards, 2009