Objective: A “forgotten element” of the 606- restrooms. As we have observed, living in a city requires fundamental infrastructure, the most crucial being managing water, waste, and hygiene within the metropolitan area. These restrooms units will be part of the idealized community that crowd-sharing helps provide in today’s society, helping us unite neighborhoods as one moves through the city of Wayside Oasis. This project is an army of 6 units of restrooms that sits on the 606 and cantilevers over the street. The bathroom units upon sunset turns into a public movie screening pad that helps illuminate the street beside and below the cantilever

Process: All of the drawings were constructed in Rhinoceros 3D, further taken to Adode Illustrator as well as photoshop. One of the most interesting highlights about this project is in constant use of four colors: Yellow, orange, Blue and grey (primary) where the remaining colors are hybrids of the primary colors used in the drawings. Elements such as the giraffe has been used as a point of reference for the scale (height) of the bathrooms which in irony is that the giraffes too match the color scheme of this project. 
Wayside Oasis